Ir.Vendermeulen loves to play the theremin, one of the oldest electronic instruments in the world and the only instrument that must be played without touching!

He plays the theremin in bands, does solo projects and made a live soundtrack with theremin & tapes for Jan Svankmayer’s bizarre animation movie “Food” (Rocket Cinema at Paradiso & Sugar Factory) and also recorded a soundtrack for a short film by Miss T.

Another project that features the theremin is called "Music to be Murdered By, a musical tribute to Alfred Hitchcock", in which he produces a live soundtrack for 5 murder-scenes shown on the big screen!

Watch the video about this tribute broadcasted by NPO dutch televison here: NPO Een Vandaag

Ir.Vendermeulen has 2 duo's featuring the theremin:

-The Zero-2: Theremin & Singin' Saw by Erin Woshinsky

-The Orgemin Two: Theremin & Streetorgan by Lesley Kraaijeveld

Zero Two Paradiso 2009